20' Flat

    Flat Rack shipping containers are specially designed to carry irregular sized and heavy loads of cargo.For example steel pipes, power poles, machinery and mining equipment. Gateway offers collapsible and fixed end designs or without walls i.e. Bolsters. Manufactured from heavy duty steel, our flat rack shipping containers come in 20 ft and 40 ft sizes. Flatracks are available in 20-foot and 40-foot sizes in both fixed-end and collapsible configurations. Flatracks are ideal for shipping oversized items such as: Vehicles Heavy machinery Large industrial parts Construction materials

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Features Benefits

All flats are equipped with flush folding full width front walls and folding front frames.

Can be easily folded to allow flat racks to be used as a platform or to be easily stacked for ease of storage and transportation

Full width deck

Allows greater cargo capacity

Hinge mechanisms and design are “Domino” or “Seadek”

Worldwide standardization and availability of spare parts

End frame locking and hinge pins have easily accessible lubrication points

Reduce maintenance costs

All flats are equipped with lashing points and stanchion pockets throughout the length of the main rails and end frames

Allow for full lashing of cargo at multiple points

In‐floor and chocking lashing set in the base assembly

Recessed cross floor lashing zones and chocking slots provide increased cargo securement

45 mm super duty solid wood planks treated with ultrawood and augmented by a steel deck plate at each end.

Minimize floor damages by forklifts and rotting of floors

Recess areas are provided in the end sills next to each corner casting

Prevent damage from twist lock pin heads due to misalignment when loading




Maximum Gross Weight

34,000 kgs (74,950 lbs)

45,000 kgs (99,207 lbs)

Tare Weight

2,740 kgs (6,040 lbs)

4,795 kgs (10,570 lbs)


31,260 kgs (68,860 lbs)

40,205 kgs (88,627 lbs)

Concentrated load over center 2 meter

20,000 kgs (44,090 lbs)

25,400 kgs (55,997 lbs)

External Dimensions


6,058 mm (19’‐10 1/2”)

12,192 mm (40’‐0”)


2,438 mm (8’‐0”)

2,438 mm (8’‐0”)


2,591 mm (8’‐6”)

2,591 mm (8’‐6”)

(Folded) Height

370 mm (14 1/2”)

641 mm (25 1/4”)

Internal Dimensions

Length (side access)

5,613 mm (18’‐4 15/16”)

11,762 mm (38’‐7 1/16”)

Width (deck)

2,218 mm (7’‐3 3/8”)

2,378 mm (7’‐9 5/8”)


2,213 mm (7’‐3 1/8”)

1,960 mm (6’‐5 3/16”)

Test Loads


86,400 kgs (190,447 lbs)

86,400 kgs (190,447 lbs)

Transverse Racking

15,240 kgs (33,600 lbs)

15,240 kgs (33,600 lbs)

Longitudinal Racking

7,620 kgs (16,800 lbs)

7,620 kgs (16,800 lbs)

Floor Strength

7,260 kgs (16,000 lbs)

7,260 kgs (16,000 lbs)

+Lashing Points

5,000 kgs (11,025 lbs)

5,000 kgs (11,025 lbs)

Design Type

Domino or Seadek

Domino or Seadek



Seven (7) empty units can be stacked into a 20’X8’‐6” module.


Four (4) empty units can be stacked into a 40’X8’‐6” module for all 40ft flats.