Container House

    Container house is the most frequently used. Container house recognized as “factory prefabrication + site installation ”.  Whole house combined roof system, floor system, wall panels and general structure. Each system is composed of several unit modules. It can be compressed into small volume in order to achieve different kind of transportation

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Easy to move ,easy to reuse. 

Fast construction: short manufacturing period, no foundation required. 

Safety: steel structure, wind and shock proof.

Durability: steel plate outer wall, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, no rust and crack, service life of more than 20 years. 

Sound insulation and heat insulation: air broken heat design, sound insulation, insulation is good. Aesthetics: can do a variety of modeling design, the color of the outer wall, beautiful appearance, beautiful. 

Low cost, low cost, high quality and low price. Strong load-bearing capacity, can be stacked together for use

according to customer requirements